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Supported Format Table

Archive classes allow random access to a seekable stream.
Reader classes allow forward-only reading
Writer classes allow forward-only Writing

Archive Format Compression Format(s) Compress/Decompress Archive API Reader API Writer API
Rar Rar Decompress(1) RarArchive RarReader N/A
Zip(2) None, DEFLATE, BZip2, LZMA/LZMA2, PPMd Both ZipArchive ZipReader ZipWriter
Tar None, BZip2, GZip Both TarArchive TarReader TarWriter(3)
GZip (single file) GZip Both GZipArchive GZipReader GZipWriter
7Zip(4) LZMA, LZMA2, BZip2, PPMd, BCJ, BCJ2 Decompress SevenZipArchive N/A N/A

(1) SOLID Rars are only supported in the RarReader API.
(2) Zip format supports pkware and WinzipAES encryption. However, encrypted LZMA is not supported.
(3) The Tar format requires a file size in the header. If no size is specified to the TarWriter and the stream is not seekable, then an exception will be thrown.
(4) The 7Zip format doesn't allow for reading as a forward-only stream so 7Zip is only supported through the Archive API


For those who want to directly compress/decompress bits

Compressor Compress/Decompress
BZip2Stream Both
GZipStream Both
DeflateStream Both
LZMAStream Both
PPMdStream Both

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