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A Simple Request

Hi everyone. I hope you're using SharpCompress and finding it useful. Please give me feedback on what you'd like to see changed especially as far as usability goes. New feature suggestions are always welcome as well. I would also like to know what projects SharpCompress is being used in. I like seeing how it is used to give me ideas for future versions. Thanks!

Want to contribute?

I'm always looking for help or ideas. Please submit code or email with ideas. Unfortunately, just letting me know you'd like to help is not enough because I really have no overall plan of what needs to be done. I'll definitely accept code submissions and add you as a member of the project!  Check the Github site

Supported formats and examples can be found on the Documentation page


Organization of the library should be akin to Apache Commons Compress (

This is a fork of my work from NUnrar ( to keep nunrar rar-focused.

The Zlib code has been forked from the project (
BZip2 implementation taken from
7zip code is modified from ModReader which was ported to C# by Hugh Perkins

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